Sound of Jinling FM997

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Sound of Jinling FM997Voice of Jinling FM997, broadcast to Taiwan by Jiangsu Province, is a talk show: "The moon is born in the sea" - listen to the story told by Taiwanese businessmen in Jiangsu Province and tell you a lively and real modern Jiangsu. "Chinese Fashion Puzzle" - Locating the "Fashion Culture + Popular Music" in the Chinese Circle at Home and Abroad. Like a mosaic of pictures, the cultural phenomena with different contents and different styles are linked together, and the vivid connotation is revealed.The voice of Jinling moves forward with the times. Adhering to the theme of continuously promoting peaceful development of cross - strait relations, taiwan radio has made unremitting efforts for compatriots on both sides of the strait to realize the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the ch

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