Xinjiang Minsheng FM92.4

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Xinjiang Minsheng FM92.4Xinjiang People's Broadcasting Station 924, officially launched on May 18, 2013, is the first approved broadcast for the people's livelihood in northwest China, broadcasting for 19 hours a day, including people's livelihood services, party building publicity and practical information. Interactive entertainment, focusing on the "first line of people's livelihood," "Kunlun Sound" 924 in the community, "924 press conference hall" 924 on the road "" toward happiness "and other columns.Broadcast 18.5 hours all day, broadcast frequency is medium wave 855 kilohertz, 558 kilohertz, 1044 kilohertz, short wave 7195 kilohertz, 13670 kilohertz, 11885 kilohertz, 7275 kilohertz, 6120 kilohertz, 9560 kHz.

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